Thursday, April 14, 2005


Brief Note on Entertainment:

I know more than a time or two I've said that I find Bush to be one of the most entertaining president's (outside of the lovable Teddy Roosevelt, who's number one in my book) this country has ever seen! Only in America can a C-student type like GW make it all the way to the chief executive and not have that hard a time doing it and maintaining it. Being an independent and a moderate (basically this means I make up my own mind on issues without the confines of convention or tradition) I have no more dislike than high regard for Bush. I don't agree with everything he says, like any other normal person, but still his thought process is recognizable all the time. At best, being a natural devil's advocate of human nature, I tend to place more of my effort getting to know where people are coming from before I concentrate solely on what they are saying. This always proves to be essential whether or not you agree or disagree with the person. I also believe as an individual with this sort of make-up I am a minority in this country. Do others like myself exist? Most certainly! But bright individuals can be found all over if you look hard enough. The irony is that once you place many intelligent people into a group they collectively become dumb as a post. One of the reasons I have problems with most organized religions. As each of us grow older, wiser and pass on to the next generation (hopefullly) some useful wisdom we will continue to evolve at a snail's pace. Any faster, if you think about it, could be dangerous...