Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fooled By My Truck...

Today when I woke I was in a lackluster sort of mood knowing that I would have to bring my truck in to get the brakes looked at. I called and made an appointment after the other day I noticed, as I was backing out of the driveway, that there seemed to be some rubbing or grabbing happening on the front brakes. At least that's where I thought the sound was coming from. Being that my truck has nearly 30K miles on it I thought that definitely the brakes were due to be changed, at least in the front. With my luck, however, it might be something totally major like the router has to be replaced or something else unforeseen. (Poor choice of words since I foreseen this type of thing happening.)

So I arrive at my local mechanic and sit and wait to hear what the diagnosis is. I watch as the dudes roll my baby up on the lift and up it goes. I decide to read Aprils National Geographic so I don't dwell on the time passing. After a short while having made it halfway through an enjoyable article on north Pacific Orcas, one of the dudes comes in with a bill slip already in his hand. Startled, I wondered how they had changed the brakes so fast, and then wondered what the damage would be.

Turns out the dude started laughing when he noticed the look on my face. My truck did not need brakes at all. The rear discs were like at 90% (which the dude said was rare for 30K miles) and the front discs still had half their pads. Scratching my head, I asked him what could have made that rubbing/grabbing sound. He said he did notice that on wet days the brakes on the truck grab a bit after you first start it up, but that could be taken care of with different pads once I do need a change. He assured me that I was okay and that I must not be an aggressive driver since he has never seen rear discs so fresh after 30K miles. I do tend to drive a bit aggressively since I am on LI after all, but I guess I am not one of those drivers that stomps on the gas and then stomps on the brake and calls that driving.

So to top it off, the dude didn't even charge me for putting the truck on the lift and checking the brakes out. (Good deal, I thought.) So I threw the dude a 10 spot and said he could get lunch on me today! Funny shit. I have never been April Fooled by an inanimate object before...