Saturday, March 26, 2005

What's Up With Blogger's Dashboard???

I was sitting down to write a quick post and noticed something odd. I usually check out the postings on the Blogger Dashboard before I dive in. What made me do a double-take was the fact they were giving away a new version of Blogger on Mother's Day. Then I saw the dates of the posts and they were from May 2004(?)! I've heard of the Monday morning "asleep at the wheel" employee who is still experiencing the effects from the weekend's debauchery, but shit today is only Saturday! The weekend is only halfway over for the majority of us. It would be two-thirds shot to hell if I were a Manhattanite due to the fact as it is widely known that the weekend there starts Thursday night - lucky bastards! Thank Heavens for casual Fridays. So in all likelihood the Blogger employee's Friday night must have been a mind scrambler. Or maybe I am just seeing this and every other Blogger out there who will stumble across the post is now saying to themselves, "What drugs is this guy on?"

H20 is a real bitch, and so addictive...