Monday, March 07, 2005

Rippin' it Up on the Hurry Up!

Straight from the gutter
one thing or another
chicks on the floor
shakin' fly shit that's butter
strollin' through the door
I seen it before
left hand in my pocket
palmin' c-notes galore
I sway through the crowd
under green gel lights
milk shake bumpin' loud
I got my spot locked tight
too bad I took the drive
only red bull tonight...

Okay enough of that shit! I apologize but Mos Def brings it out of me sometimes. Saturday night was a complete blast as usual. We got a late start but it was worth it. Nutty Irishman usually doesn't fill out until around 11:30pm so when Lil' Mike, H-Bomb and I rolled in at 11:00pm it was pretty suite. I could not believe how many shorties were out en masse. But a great ratio is not a new thing for the Nutty Irishman. I was the designated driver so I behaved myself for the most part (boo hoo). It really wasn't that bad because I have made a friend at the bar over the past couple of months and when I told her I wasn't drinking that night she covered all my red bulls and ginger ales, something I simply couldn't refuse. Happy

One drink that I ordered for Lil' Mike was a Red Bull and Skye. They didn't have Skye so I asked for Grey Goose. Well, the shortie that made his drink was looking to pickle homeboy! Saying the drink was strong would be a gross under statement. Not always a problem but the drink tasted horrible. I finished half of the drink for him because he looked like he was going to nurse the same glass for the rest of the night. After that though, I was a good boy.

The band started a little shaky but played some decent covers of U2, A-ha, Dave Matthews, Human League and Metalica. But as always the DJ held it down excellent! Although, a couple tracks from Sean Paul and Faith Evans (even though they seem to be dance staples of the moment) are becoming a bit tiresome. I would love to break out my decks and take over spinning duties for the night, but I am a bit out of practice. Last thing I need on my conscience is a train wreck that totally clears the floor. I've seemed to take the road of Beck and have become totally computer driven. One never knows, though. Down the road I could make an investment (an A-Dat most likely) and start creating mixes again. The night was fun and big props go to Lil' Mike for rippin' it up on the dance floor! And to my man H-Bomb for droppin' like it was too hot on the shorties!


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