Wednesday, March 16, 2005


A really big shout goes out to my man Geez for catching a mistake I made in my little hommage to Al B. Sure.

Indeed, the actor who starred in New Jack City whom I confused with Al B. Sure was none other than Christopher Williams who debuted on the RnB scene in '87 with his release "CW." If you take a look at these two dudes, you can see that they look remarkably alike:
(l-Al Brown aka Al B. Sure, r-Christopher Williams aka CW)

The two obvious exceptions are the fact that Christopher Williams is way taller than Al B. Sure and the fact that Al B. Sure sports the aforementioned highly chissled unibrow!

My apologies to those fans who might be offended but what can I say. I am turning 30 pretty soon and they say it is all down hill from there...


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