Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Nuts come out at night!

Saturday night brought about more wild high jinks at The Nutty Irishman. On this particular night we had quite a good number of crew members making their way to the lovely town of Bayshore. Those in attendance were Merzy (and his wife Anna), Lil’ Mike, H-Bomb and myself. A couple of people were MIA but more on that later.

Of all the nights I would not bring me camera (or me lucky charms) with me it had to be this one. The crowd and band were all off the hook! Seemingly possessed by the ghosts of street dancers past, shorties and whiter-than-white wanna-bes were rocking the dance circle breakin' their asses off. (I wish they were as good as this bloke in the video, but not nearly!) What I really wanted my camera to catch was when this knob attempted a half-assed back-flip with his ankle crashing right into a sheila’s drink dumping it all over her chest. Instant wet blouse contest with an unwilling contestant! :)

Of course, uniformed gorillas grabbed the knob as well as one of the shorties (no shit this chick was maybe 4’9” tops – but boy was she built for her size) doing some spinning ground moves. I’m glad the chick gave him some attitude for the way he grabbed her, but nonetheless the dance circle was broken up permanently. A few of the more blitzed knobs did manage to call out the word, “ASSHOLE!!!” repeatedly causing said gorilla groper to simply shake his head and frown.

I’ve got to give the “head knod” to H-Bomb for ripping it up on the main floor. My boy simply could not be denied, especially when the DJ started spinning some old school hip-hop mixes. It got so hot on the floor that I had to actually go and coat check my shirt leaving me just wearing my alligator wrestling tee. The band were on point as well. Not too many bands can do covers like Usher's "Yeah" and Alice In Chains' "Would" and have theme sound really good. In previous weeks, all of the bands showcases have been really shitty in their own unique way, but Liquid A have the skills. Definitely check them out at a venue near you!

Members regretfully MIA for the evening were The Cop (and his wife Kristie), Monkey, Norah and McSorley. These guys did miss out on a truly wild night at the Nutter, each having a different tale of woe. Well, Monkey and Norah being the exception! LOL But there will be more wild nights of course...


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