Friday, March 25, 2005

Now I Must Say Something About This

AT first when I heard about this case I was hesitant to belt out my opinions having recently dealt with almost the same exact thing with Pop late last year. I was watching the latest edition of Real Time With Bill Maher (great show by the way, screw ABC) and they had discussed the latest developments and the panel offered their opinions along with Bill's witty remarks. This made me think back at how lucky Pop as well as myself were that he, indeed, had a concrete Living Will, Healthcare Proxy and that I had durable power of attorney in case things got a bit out of hand (and for a brief time they did).

I understand on one hand where those in healthcare believe the drive to preserve life is paramount. It is something very special and a gift that should be more appreciated by more people in this country. Bad bedside manners and malpractice cases aside, doctors and nurses seem to get a pretty bum rap at times. I've seen both the good and the bad from being with my ex, who is a practicing nurse. I always thought she was a very special person for the job she does and knew that she was that much better than myself. I'm not squeemish at all and I have the aptitude for the health sciences (I entered Uni as pre-Vet) but I would have trouble day in and day out providing service with a smile so to speak. Melissa could maintain an even keel and get through the day, and that's tough. This is why I have respect for those in healthcare.

I also understand the concept of "quality" of life. Yes, it is important to extend life but at what cost of quality? Is it really a quality life to be kept alive through forced feeding? This isn't a black and white issue at all being that every example and individual circumstance has its share of gray. But speaking from experience with Pop, lord rest his soul, I can see why he wanted to not be kept alive if he was in a state a delirium or dementia. I'm just glad I was in the position to understand his wishes as well as know that they were documented properly.

One thing I thought was really a total bullshit move was the court subpoena. What a gross misuse of the law!?! I know some of you might disagree with me but clearly who is being protected by all of this? The woman's life or the beliefs of interest groups? And what example are we setting for our children who I only hope to heaven will have the understanding and common sense to agree with my own wishes when I become elderly. Of course, after my own experiences I too have everything documented when that day comes. I'm not expecting it anytime soon, though, so don't go breaking out your party hats and noise makers just yet. I suspect I will be left to walk this earth for many, many years to come where I will continue to kick ass and take names!

Speaking of asses, here is a little something for those "interested parties" in Florida who need to pull hard to get their heads out of their asses. If they are listening, use the product below the rid the hemorrhoids that will result from such an anal stretching:

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