Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Now I Am All For Moon Bases...

I stumbled upon this article on Sunday while I was nursing my grogginess. Saving humans and other species from an Earth catastrophe by sending a frozen genome milkshake to the moon? Obviously any measure to save Earth's genome deserves a fair look. But they have been talking about lunar bases for years. While a few countries are currently involved in sniping out prime lunar real estate (is there such a thing?) for bases and research labs, do concerns of future global catastrophes really drive the whole project/cause?

In any event, a safety measure such as this one is still far off with all the money and logistics issues still needing to be ironed out. In the meantime, such catastrophic events could occur and we would be caught with our pants down. I don't really believe this, mind you. But I feel if we are going to seriously consider lunar bases and research facilities we should definitely look at other problems that could potentially benefit from a lunar base project.

I'll admit the notion of a lunar base, research facilities and a human resident population is very interesting to me. I only hope that something like this can actually be funded, created, put to good use and be a place I can visit before I return back to Earth in order to take the big dirt nap.