Saturday, March 26, 2005

Not Another Friday... Thanks Homies!

As some of you know, the tail end of March is a tough time for me. Lot's of things happen to fall during the month of March. March 16th the eve of St. Patrick's Day is my Mother's birthday, hence her beautiful name Patricia. March 22nd is my ex-fiancee's birthday. March 25th is the day my Mother passed away from cancer. So for me the last half of March can sometimes render me a bit screwed in the head, especially if I find myself alone and left to my own devices to think about the past. Luckily, I had a good start to the day to get up and out of the house.

Bright and early at 8:00am I had my trucks oil and filter changed as well as a new belt installed. The old belt would whine for about fifteen minutes when you would first start the truck but then not make a sound after that. It was doing it for two weeks when I decided to look into it. Sure enough the belt was just beginning to "dry out" a bit. So I opted for a new belt even though my mechanic said I could wait a little longer. Why risk anything happening I thought.

After I got my truck worked on I went to the grocery store to snag some more cleaning supplies as well as get more egg whites because I was running low. Quick stopped by the house to drop the egg whites into the fridge and then off to the gym. Ultimate Fitness Patchogue is a nice improvement to their original location in Medford (the Medford location is being renovated and expanded though) and it is closer to my house. Some of the people who workout their are just knobs. They provide nice entertainment value when there are no chicks to check out as I work through my routine. Not that I like to spend more than an hour at any one time at the gym. I like to do my shit and then bounce! Many people go to the gym as a social outlet so they are there to exercise a bit here and chatterbox a bit there. So they seem like they live at the gym but are not really big at all. Meanwhile, I am the exact opposite. I am in and out, and big.

After the gym I went back home and figured I would finish setting up the new drapes I got for my bedroom upstairs. I'll have to take a picture sometime. The fabric color matches nicely with my bend linens. I know, I am a totally bitch, right? Well fuck you because I like to decorate and make my shit in my crib tight y'all! LOL

Anyway, I get back home and I hear my phone ringing and then my cell ringing Notorious B.I.G.'s "Who Shot Ya?" (awesome track, btw) which means its a crew member! Methodical Man on the line, cool shit! He wanted to hit the Irish Times Pub for their happy hour and this was a good thing. Happy hours on other nights for this wanna-be pub are dead but Friday's seem to be worth the standing tight as pickles looking for your next pint because there is decent eye candy. Friday night I would be occupied at least.

On a whim I gave Monkey a call and he said he was heading to the bike shop to look at some more road bikes. Him and I are avid mountain bikers but he wants to transition to road cycling which is cool. For myself, having spent most of my formative years on road bikes (I liked to do sprints especially, being caught on many occasions racing cars at lights and shit) riding on a road bike doesn't have the same appeal as riding a mountain rig does. Freeriding is the shit as I get high from it for real. So I tagged along as Monkey test road bikes at The Kreb Cycle of Bellport. Monkey decided on a 2004 model Burley based in Oregon and better known for their tandem and recumbent rigs. They entered the market for road cycles last year and are really developing a quality line of products. Monkey's model is built from a steel frame. For those that know a thing about materials science, steel is not only strong but provides the best absorption for road vibration. A very close second would be carbon fiber for dampening road vibrations but the real appeal to carbon fiber frames are the extreme weight reductions that result. Not only will the steel frame (which is still light by road bike standards) be plenty strong but it will allow Monkey to do touring rides, time trails as well as still be strong enough for sprint work. You want a steel frame for sprints because it provides lots of conserved energy as you apply massive torque to the cranks. Aw yeah, baby!

Morgan had to make his way back to his main squeeze's house because she was a bit under the weather. Hopefully it isn't too bad. Later, Methodical and I found ourselves at the Irish Times Pub but immediately we were greeted by insanely loud folk music. Shit! I hate it when you have a dude who can only play in like four chords and insists on covering all sorts of tunes that are truly great because those tunes will not sound great any longer. Oh well. Informed the hostess that we would like a table ALL THE WAY OVER there and things were a bit better volume wise.

Truly I had only planned on hanging out for a few hours because I figured that Mike would have to get an early start the next day. But as we had a bite for dinner and enjoyed pints a lager, the discourse became very intense and I for one was thoroughly engrossed! Eventually, after lingering at the Irish Times we had to change venues because it was becoming increasingly hard to hear one another with the uber-loud music and drunken dribblings being spewed from many of the blokes and bar hookers still hanging around.

So as we rode we were able to pick up the conversation right where we left off and headed to our usual local watering hole The Brickhouse Brewery. Methodical had a craving for their mussels marinara which are pretty fucking great! Being regulars we are always greeted by the staff and management which is cool because they are all pretty much on point and nice people. I'm sure it has something to do with the money we continually drop in the place but I really think it is something more than just making a face. Even if we head in and stay for ten minutes they are still always giving up buy backs and treating us right. So as my buddy dived into the huge plate of mussels, myself dipping my bread in the sauce we continued our discourse. I say discourse because to the two of us it reminded us of a Symposium.

Our conversation seemingly covered all topics and subjects throughout the course of the night. Subjects like bar/tavern business and strategies, healthcare proxies, U.S. Oil consumption, the oil refinery in Texas that blew up, investment opportunities, evolution of Google as a company, relationships, political satire, education reform, CNN, cycling, kinesiology/physiology and the list could go on but I am having a tough time remembering all of them. We had started the evening at 5:30pm and I didn't make it back to my house until a little after 2:00am. It was a great night not due to any sort of bloopers or high comedy, simply intelligent discourse. It will stimulating and refreshing.

And this leads me to extend my many thanks to Monkey and Methodical Man for taking time out of their days to spend it with me and help me get through another tail end of March. You guys are my brothers for real! Bless you.