Monday, March 28, 2005

A Monday Of Misery

This could also read, "The Wet Blanket They Call Monday."

Being a true slave to sunshine, I feel like utter shit today! Not only do cloudy days have me feeling less than 100% but the rain and rawness in the air has me down as well. So I figured I would extend my usual Friday domestic duty day into this very soggy Monday. In other words that means Laundry and Blogging, since all of my Netflix DVDs went into the mail today and I'm a little burnt out from the finish work upstairs.

So here I sit, GusGus's remix of Depeche's "Only When I Lose Myself" playing a little too loud (perhaps, aw bullshit!), engrossed in the daily news finds I stumble onto. You know, the way I use Firefox tabs I might need more than two monitors to keep up. But until that time comes I will just continue to ware out the left button of my mouse flippin' tabs like the day is long, flippin' tabs like the day is long...

Anyway, I hopped over to Boing Boing because I usually find something offbeat that interests me there. Indeed, I did. Not sure if anyone else has followed the case of Grokster vs. MGM but what caught my attention is that the luckiest man on the face of this earth (in other words Mark Cuban) will be funding the legal battle to save digital content that has ensued. You can take a peek at both Cuban's Weblog as well as the Wired Magazine article for your fill on the case and implications for the future of digital content. One thing I have to agree with is the rather fundamental notion that software doesn't steal content, people use the software to steal the content. I tend to side against the RIAA on many issues regarding digital content. Its not that I don't feel for recording artists but clearly the industry is a different beast from back in the days before the music video. The industry still looks to fuck artists but not as brutally as artists were back in the early days.

Suffice to say that the issue requires a great deal of time to map out and make my particular stance clear. Now is not that time, especially when I have to go switch a load...


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