Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hey Mah? Don't laugh!?!

Can't you see he's hungry!!!

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Now watching spackle dry is just about as much fun as watching paint dry, so I went on a Usenet tear and stumbled across some pics that made me laugh. It never ceases to amaze me how many people submit funny photos. Some are a bit of a stretch, but every now and then I really get a couple. The more candid, more real life the better.

If only the caption said "Very Good" then the following phrase would make more sense, "A perimeter around the survivors, create!!!"

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I thought of the notion of some photographer in the jungle finding this toad starring him square in the face and laughed. Then I realized that in all likely circumstances the photographer found this toad starring at something about to be eaten through a very large telephoto lens. I still think it is an amazing shot. Too bad for the caption, even though it made me think of Yoda.

"Honey, let me know if I hurt you, okay?"

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I'm sorry! I couldn't resist. LOL It just goes to show you what is on males' minds all the times. Teethy No wonder I like Korn's "A.D.I.D.A.S." so much! This photo actually reminded me of a film photo of a life-sized brass land tortoise sculpture I checked out while at the Omaha Zoo. No shit, the sculpture must be around 800 lbs. That's a lot of tortoise. Actually, we should mock this dude too much because its hard damn work trying to get a good piece of brass (or iron in this case)!

In Jersey, they were right! Let's hope it doesn't go to their heads. Bill Gates (or the "Real G-Unit" as execs at Microsoft affectionately call him) is going gangsta...

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When I saw this as a rather small thumbnail shot and I didn't actually see what it really was. When I saw the full size shot I laughed a bit. Reminded me of that scene in "Coffee and Cigarettes" where The Rza and The Gza were sitting at the coffee shop table and "Mutha-f#&@ing" Bill Murray was trying to serve them coffee. Rza, being a holistic medicine guru, was trying to explain to Bill Murray he shouldn't consume so much coffee or smoke cigarettes otherwise his metabolism would be fucked. No, neither Bobby Digi nor the Genius promoted the virtues of sess. Teethy

Okay, enough of this idle banter. Let me check on that spackle (aw yeah, not)...


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