Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Going A Bit Old School With This One

I seem to be making up for lost time as this weekend was chock full and I had no time to write anything remotely productive. (Who the hell am I trying to kid, right?)

A needed change of music video is in order and I decided to go a bit old-school and dig up this absolute gem by none other than Al Brown aka Al B. Sure, called Nite & Day.

Now for those of you unfamiliar with Al B. Sure or possibly if you had your head in the sand so to speak during the whole late eighties RnB resurgence known as New Jack Swing, here's a little history.

Al B. Sure achieved so much. From his formative years stompin' the streets of money making Mt. Vernon, NY and polishing his uber-groomed, over dressed, soon to be known as ghetto fabulous look (which remarkably included a perfectly carved pencil-thin uni-brow, leaving hope for all men afflicted with this caveman condition), Al was destined to wear the crown of One Hit Wonder! Where Keith Sweat left off, Al B. Sure certainly picked right up with Nite & Day. If one looks at the video for the title song, all the elements for success are there.

The aggressive grimaces and frowns into the camera as you are lip syncin' to your own studio tweaked and gated falsetto is a striking touch. Makes me wonder what facial expression he would use for a deep, throaty grunt? The use of your own lyrics to choreograph your on camera persona is typical late eighties fair. Notice how he doesn't dare run his fingers through his own hair not risking the self destruction of that perfectly chiseled fade. And lastly, even though his voice fooled most of us, Al B. Sure shows his true street credentials by filming most of this video on roof tops and alleys. I love the way his extreme acid washed duds literally blend him into the brick buildings further making him a virtual sexual chameleon of Mt. Vernon.

All kidding aside, Al B. Sure was certainly popular with the ladies. Nite & Day provided the right music for fellas in their early teens (including moi) for trying to hook up with all the around-the-way chicks in the neighborhood (or the streets, money). In other words, summertime fine cherry picking afternoons! Aw, yeah...

I wonder where Al Brown is today? Well, when your "Best of..." CD still sells for more than $5 there is still the possibility that Al is chilling out on some island somewhere (who needs the streets once you are rich, just ask J. Lo) with bikini clad Halle Berry-looking women all over dancing and serving straw umbrella'd drinks to the smooth sounds of Nite & Day. Let's not forget his unforgettable cameo appearance as white collar member of the notoriously bloody CMB in Mario van Peebles' New Jack City. New Jack Swing, New Jack City, New Jack Hustler. Coincidental connection I think not. Hmmm. '88 was a cool year...