Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fuckheads, you bet!

Couldn't have said this better today myself! It's amazing how a facial expression can convey the exact same thing you may be feeling. I received a voicemail today from my racket club that all appointments after 8pm would be cancelled due to, you guessed it, the fucking snow! Shite!

After volleyball last night I was feeling pretty motivated for another all out war on the court. Since I have been playing walleyball for the past month the cobwebs were non-existent. But others didn't have it so well. It was nice to catch up with everyone and to see what everyone has been up to over the winter off-season. Can't wait for next week as I think I may be on my way to sparking up a friendship that was blossoming last season. I'll admit the timing is a bit off but that has been the theme of my life for the past year or so. But I do see more positive things up ahead en lieu of tragedy. Oh well, we shall see...


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