Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another End of the Week Approaches

I made the mistake of accepting cookies from a web site and now I get spontaneous propogation of little windows whenever I navigate within the web site. It seems the site doesn't function with Mozilla's natural cookie blockers so I got suckered. Not like it is a big deal but at times I forget and when I want to shut down I have like 8 or 9 freekin' Mozillas to close.

Weeks like this one seem to fly by. Not that I have been off the wall busy with running around. Quite the opposite, I have been a bit of a hermit this week. I am continuing to pack away things that aren't of immediate use, organizing odds and ends so that my move isn't so hectic. I picked a good time to start doing this because I have been feeling the itch of spring fever but without the spring weather. So all my energy has been going into the house. Otherwise, I would be tempted to play outside and not do what I should be doing now. I figure the more prep work I do the less I will have to cram in later. This could be all a bunch of mental masturbation, however.

I finally nabbed some photos I meant to format on Sunday but forgot to. My father ended up coming over with a brand new toy, an acoustic guitar. Seems he has been feeling the urge to get back to his years in high school when he used to play in a band. His unannounced visit actually made me miss a call from Melissa whomI haven't heard from in weeks. I have since called her back twice, left two messages so we shall see. All this coupled with my memory fading ever faster (soon I will be like my old man which is too scary to go into right now) I had to tie up loose ends from the past weekend.

I have been on this kick of actually "saving" weird photos and shit my friends pass around. This shot is from my outing at the Nutty Irishman last weekend. I had a blast with H-Bomb and Merz, and what a dynamite ratio that night had. The best it has been in weeks! I just love when women aren't afraid of PDAs, like this one:

Although at times drunk chicks can become camera whores, this group of sheilas were acting out the whole night way before any blokes like myself were looking to do a little point-n-shoot. Cheers to this trio of shags!

RBJ's Snipper Pussy (reminds me of one of Bond's love interests) made me dig through a CD I have full of funny animal photos and videos. I found this cool shot and thought most would appreciate it. I have always been a dog person myself but this cat knows where its at. Hopefully, the kitty didn't put a scratch on that rack:

By the way, what is up with all these James Bond flicks on cable over the past four weeks or so? Is there some kind of anniversary coming up?? Ian Fleming is still alive, right??? It seems whenever I channel surf I can find a James Bond movie on. If its Sean Connery I usually stop a minute and watch. If its Roger Moore I tend to move on. I'm sure I'll figure it out, otherwise I'll forget about it in an hour or two!