Sunday, January 02, 2005

What's The Deal With Cable?

Over the course of many, many months I have begun to realize just how much of a scam Cablevision IO Digital Cable really is. I remember when I first upgraded to IO Digital Cable from the regular cable. We had gone from eighty-something channels to like 800. But this novelty has worn off because I find that the programming is very redundant on most of the premium cable channels. For example, I have the Gold package for Cablevision which basically gives you every premium cable channel, plus a few extra channels.

If I use HBO as an example (a channel I watch most often because of their serials), being an IO customer gets you like 9 HBO channels. But all on all of those channels you tend to get the same movies each months being played on a rotation. Its not like they have an HBO Sci-Fi channel that just shows nothing but sci-fi flicks every month or a HBO Horror channel. HBO is the same as HBO West with a simple time delay to the programs (same thing with HBO2 and HBO2 West). HBO Signature tends to show older movies as well as newer releases but there movies repeat often throughout the month that it seems each week the same set of movies are on. I mean how many times does one need to watch "Stuck On You," a very funny movie that I enjoyed mind you.

I find this the same for nearly all of the movies channels except for Sundance and IFC, although at times they could do a better job with the variety. Not to totally gripe on IFC but I consider myself a film fanatic. However, it is really arduous for a film fanatic to be confronted with back-to-back-to-back episodes of IFC's Film Fanatic. I hope IFC won't fall into the same downward spiral that MTV suffered by basically morphing a great music channel that slowly featured less and less music and more and more sitcoms and shitty shows. Sorry for the rant but its true. Things like this make me so much prouder that I subscribe to Netflix, because I find myself watching a lot more DVDs as of late. I am probably going to cancel the Gold Package and just keep HBO, SHO and IFC. I don't know. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow with a change of heart.

Oh well, let me go and see what's on TV even though I might become depressed to find that I have seen all the movies already. I hate being out of Netflix DVDs...