Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Wedding Part One - Cold Confusion

This past weekend brought a great day to friends and family. It was the day the Cop would marry the love of his life, Kristy. Events leading up to the big day will help make it truly memorable for all. Everyone was psyched for this event, especially since The Cop represents the first of our crew to get hitched. Because he is such a great friend of mine, I was honored to be part of the groom's party along with Monkey and Burger. The total line up for the groom's party was Louie (Cop's Pops) as best man and Monkey, Burger, myself and Kristy's brother Mike as ushers. Kristy's bride's party included her cousin (for crying out loud why am I so bad with names, I sat next to her in the limo too) as maid of honor with Melissa and Christine (Cop's sister) as bride's maids. All together it was a rather large bridal party which always means a lot of fun. We all let it be known to The Cop that we were going to do some serious partying as only our crew can do.

All week long prior to the wedding day the local weathermen were all calling for a blizzard to hit New England. With the collective efforts of the bridal party and family we all tried to spread anti-blizzard vibes while at the same time making sure we had suites booked at The Inn at Fox Hollow where the reception would be held. This way if worst came to worst we would not have the chore of trying to make it all the way back to eastern Long Island in the blizzard. Speaking for myself and a few members of the crew, I know there would be a slim chance that any of us would be in any condition to drive after the reception. Making the suites an even better idea for everyone.

Earlier in the week, I helped The Cop move his furniture out of his apartment in Lynbrook to his parents house in Patchogue, our home town. The Cop's parents are retiring to Corona, New Mexico having the finishing touches completed on a house built on a 40-acre piece of property (sweet). So The Cop bought his parent's house in Patchogue as a starter home. This is cool because I will be able to hang out with him more often before I move. Plus, I will gain a steady lifting partner which is something I have felt is missing in recent months. This will help bring both our workouts to a higher level. When he called me to ask to help him move he said it would be like 4 hours of work. So of course I said I would help. Little did the two of us know that the day would not go according to plan.

I showed up in Lynbrook nice and early to begin the day. On the way out it started to flurry lightly and I really didn't give the weather a second thought on the drive out. When I showed up at the apartment I couldn't help but notice how much stuff was there in the apartment. It was a good thing I was available to help him otherwise he would have had a major project on his hands. Turns out this was to be a major project. Many little hick-ups along the way delayed our progress. These hick-ups included the ever increasing snow fall and traffic, troubles getting his couch out of the apartment, the rental truck dying on a few occasions during the commute and his sister not getting out to Long Island from Brooklyn in enough time to empty furniture out of their parent's house. All of these things made what could have been maybe six hours of work turn into fifteen hours. I made it to Lynbrook at 8:30am and after two trips back and forth to Patchogue it was 11:30pm. After unloading the last of the stuff at the house, The Cop had to head back immediately to Lynbrook because the rental truck had to be returned promptly at 7:00am. After a little arm twisting by The Cop's Mom, I decided to stay a while at their house and have some tea, chatter box and rest up before heading home. I only live two minutes from The Cop's parent's house in Patchogue so it was no big deal. Besides, Christine was over with her oldest child, Gianna and, since I've rarely had the chance to see her in recent years, I took the opportunity to catch up a bit. I didn't make it home that night until 3:00am. The Cop's parents are very gracious hosts!

Arms aching and back tweaking the rest of the week, I was looking forward to the weekend and the wedding to do some serious partying! Friday was a busy day too as I had to pick up Louie from Patchogue, pick up Melissa from her flight in from Nebraska, then drive out to Lynbrook to meet up with the family and bridal party for the rehearsal and dinner that followed. The wedding ceremony was held at St. Christopher's Church in Baldwin. What a grand looking church! When I walked in my jaw literally hit the floor. Boy was it cold - they tend to run the heat a really low because of the high prices of heating fuel. I am sure when the place packs out the temperature becomes more comfortable. For this occasion, there would be only thirty or so warm bodies in a place that can easily accommodate 500 parishioners. I still can't get over how stunning the place is. After the rehearsal we all headed off to dinner at a caterer in Hempstead (name escapes me at the moment). Food and drink were delicious. I had such a good time that I polished off three bottles of merlot with Louie, Christine and Melissa. Melissa really didn't imbibe too heavily because she was really tired. Melissa normally works night shift and found herself up for nearly 36 hours from when she last worked through the flight and rehearsal dinner. This made her a bit crabby but I could understand. My body was still hurting from the moving until I got drunk from all the merlot. After that I was feeling no pain! It was a good thing because after the dinner I would have to go back to Lynbrook to sleep on the floor at The Cop's apartment. The things you do for friends...

Part Two coming up so stay tuned!