Saturday, January 15, 2005

Since When Did Long Island Become Seattle?

This past week brought with it some of the most depressing weather we've had here in quite a while. In winter I really enjoy getting snowfall (not to the point that things start shutting down and travel becomes dangerous) and the cold days really don't get to me too often as long as the sun is out. Even though I live on Long Island, far from a tropical climate, I consider myself a sun person. As long as the sun is shining it could be -40 degrees and I'd be able to manage. This past week the sun was hardly out at all. This reminds me why people jump off bridges in Seattle.

I know rain is necessary but it seems that for winter I would much rather see the white stuff. Rain makes it a real pain in the ass to go anywhere because you get wet (no rocket science here). But if it is snowing at least you can go about your routine and not feel all shitty and damp. You simply brush the flakes off and you are set to go. I'll take snow and cold days over rainy days. But this past week brought more wet. I woke up to the sound of rain hitting the windows hard and at first it is a soothing sound. Eventually, you have to wake up and face the day and then the fairy tail aspect seems to dwindle away until you are left with the reality that you have places to go and you are going to be damp along the way.

Besides the weather, good news presented itself! I now have my new apartment waiting for me. My application went through and they are holding my place until I sell my house and am ready to move. This is a load off my mind. The Ruskin Place in Lincoln, NE was my first choice and seemed to have the right combination of amenities and price. Compared to Long Island the rents in Lincoln are all steals but for a roughly 950 sqft. apartment the rent is really low. I would literally be paying double and then some for something similar on Long Island. The greatest thing, however, is that they will allow me to have Caesar with me! This is really important because I would hate to have to leave him behind (probably with my father) and since Caesar is pretty much in his second half of his life he is really attached to me now that Pop is gone. Everything seems to be working out nicely and the transition ahead of me seems to be one that won't have too much shock factor. The only thing I have to complete is the last preparations for my house to be listed.

The house is in pretty decent shape for an older dwelling. I may have to through some paint around here and there but generally speaking the house is ready to go. I just have to move some more furniture out into the garage so that the rooms appear a bit more "sparse." This way Lisa (my real estate agent) can show the house. I don't see this taking any longer than the next week or two. I have a wedding coming up so next weekend will be tied up but other than that I will have time to give everything the last once over. I am starting to get excited but have to remember that I have a few things to take care of before I am off the Lincoln. Speaking of things I have to do, domestic duties never seem to end plus I have some running to do so I will have to cut this one short. Short. Yeah, right? I seem to always post a novel...