Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Patchogue Floral Party Last Night

Last night co-workers from Patchogue Floral threw a going away party for Denise a former department mate of mine back when I was with the company. Denise recently finished her initial accounting degree and is now heading off to bigger and brighter things. I say initial degree, because like myself, Denise has a natural gift for academics and I am sure an advanced degree is in store for the future. Whatever direction she decides to steer the boat she will surely avoid rough seas. I dig Denise and her wife Erica, they are great people.

The event was held at the Brickhouse Brewery so I was definitely game. Being notoriously early for appointments, I showed up about 45 minutes early. I had completed my list of chores for the day and I really had nothing else I needed to do. So I figured I'd head on over and chatterbox with the bartender and have a few pints. Btw, they have a new Nitro Stout that is really similar to what a true stout like Guinness is in form and flavor. The Brickhouse always had an Oatmeal Stout available but not being a true stout, you could never use it to make a "black and tan" or a "half and half" since there were no density differences between the two beers. For a more technical rundown of what all this means you can look here if you are interested. Forgive my rambling but I have a head cold coming on and I'm medicated too. :)

After three pints of Nitro I started seeing some chicks from Patchogue Floral show up so I went over to greet and bullshit for a little bit before the hostess let us go to the special party room reserved for us. I was happy to see the turnout was pretty big. There are probably between 65-70 employees at Patchogue Floral and nearly 30 showed up for the party. I thought that was pretty cool. I was glad to see that I was not the only bloke amongst the sheilas as Mikey D., Thom B. and Rob M. were in attendance. Don't get me wrong, I am comfortable hanging with the chicks. Some of them are a real pisser too. (Especially when primed with some quality hooch - ladies you know who you are! ;)) But it's cool to have buddies I can release the testosterone a bit with.

One thing about the workers at Patchogue Floral is that 90% of them all care about one another and when we all get together and party it's pretty off the hook. Basically, Patchogue Floral is like an extended family. Most employees are close with one another and share life's experiences (both good and not so) and are generally there for one another. This is something I have not seen anywhere else, even in some of the more tightly knit corporate settings I have come across. This was one of the reasons I was shocked to learn that there wasn't a Christmas Party this year. Since my departure back in August, I was wondering over the previous months how the party might be since I would not be there. I've been to 11 of 12 held during my tenure. Not that last night's could compare to one of the Christmas parties Neil throws, I still had a kick ass time with everyone and for moments it reminded me of how we partied together over the past years. Kudos to Patty F and the rest of the girls who organized the night. You chicks are truly ubiquitous and clandestine. In other words, you guys are always up in the mix on the down low!

One of two gripes I had with the evening was the fact that I was starting to come down with a head cold. The other was that I had three pints of nitro stout on an empty stomach before the party began. I had skipped lunch which sometimes happens when I'm not thinking about food. Before I left the house I took one Centrum Performance, Two zinc chewables and about 10,000 mg worth of vitamin C chewables. I tend to snack on the vitamin C chewables like candy when I feel myself starting to get the sniffles. Needless to say, once I added the nitro stout to the medicinal mix it made one hell of a cocktail. To sum it up briefly and without being too graphic, I experienced quite a cleansing of my G.I. tract!

The latter half of the night had me feeling much better and instead of pints of beer I upgraded to white Russians. They had quite a soothing feeling going down. Boy did they go down easy. The bartender made them so well I could hardly taste any alcohol what so ever. Although, Mikey D. commented that the first few almost gave his happy trail a perm. So I'm glad I didn't jump immediately aboard the white Russian train. I actually watched closely one time when I ordered some to see if indeed she was making them legit. She sure was! Yes, indeed, the party was a great night. I'm kicking myself right now for not bringing my camera to take some shots. I'll see if Denise can forward some to me so I can post 'em.