Sunday, January 16, 2005

NFL Playoffs Vs. Premiership Football

Decisions, decisions. Today shapes up to be an action packed sports afternoon with both the Patriots-Colts playoff game and Middlesbrough playing the premier league this afternoon. I'm glad I hooked up both cable boxes to my set in the living room this way I can use PIP to watch both. Too bad both games are on at the same time. If one was later and the other early this wouldn't be such a pain in the ass but you can't have everything in life. Actually, you can come close but you have to work really hard along the way. Alas, I'm no stranger to this.

On a side note, last night I saw one of the most entertaining football games I have seen in quite a while. Arsenal took on Bolton at Reebok Stadium. What an exhibition of ball possession and clean passing! The result was Bolton 1-0 Arsenal but in any event it was a great game. The low score has no reflection on the sheer action throughout the entire ninety minutes. Looking forward to picking up on round four proper of FA Cup the end of this month. Sweet!