Sunday, January 16, 2005

I Really Need TiVo!

Too many great shows are on at the same time it drives me nuts! I mean I can always tune into the West Coast versions of the cable stations I like in order to see all my shows on a given night but for crying out loud I am up half the night. A VCR is just not as convenient as it once was especially since I hate juggling tapes that eventually wear out.

These shows definitely make having a TiVo worth while - especially since I am hooked on them hard.

Sopranos - a mobster we feel sorry for, wtf!
The Wire - one gripe though is that the seasons are so short!
Carnivale - I don't know how they wake up every morning already filthy...
Deadwood - all the motherf!&@ing and c!&@sucking makes me chuckle, makes Red Hook or Compton look like Glen Cove!
Real Time w/Bill Maher - the best alternative for Dennis Miller, f!&@ you, ABC!
Unscripted - even though it is a new show, anything filmed in DV intrigues me!
Entourage - only because I loath Kevin Connelly, went to school with the shithead, long story...
Six Feet Under - can't believe how many great actors are on the show now!

Queer As Folk - great show with great music, go figure...
Huff - Hank Azarea is the man, when he talks to himself it reminds me of ME, DV an obvious plus!
Bullshit! - after all these years Penn & Teller still have some great schtick...
The L Word - great bunch of chicks, too bad Pam Grier can't pack a gun, (DV, oh yeah)!
Street Time - I got a thing for crime dramas I know...
Family Business - poor Seymour can't find a decent chick to settle down with, I love it!

Both networks aren't resting on their laurels as thye have new shows coming out that I want to check out and that I might get hooked on. I think I better seriously consider the TiVo otherwise I am going to have many sleepless nights. I don't mind sleepless nights when I'm...

...well that's something that won't be happening for a bit so I must hang in there with my fave shows. Speaking of which, another episode of HUFF is on. Excellent!