Saturday, January 01, 2005


Happy New Year to my friends and family and everyone else who matters! You all know who you are. Melissa, if you read this, I miss you terrible and think about you all the time and hope you are okay. I would really like to talk to you. So call me.

On another note, in case anyone would like a good remedy (actually more of a preventative measure) for hangovers before retiring to bed just eat some plain vanilla icecream. Apparently, the fact that it is a dairy product is null and void since the vanilla naturally sooths the stomach and promotes relaxation. You get a great nights sleep and you wake up the next day ready to go. For those who are intolerant of dairy products you can always try Green Tea icecream which is soy-based and also helps through the Green Tea's natural medicinal qualities.

In the last four years or so, I am finding that the level of dehydration I experience after a night of copious imbibing has increased. In past few months especially, I am finally experiencing what people would call a hangover. I don't have the pounding headache when I wake but I find I am really sluggish and have a thrist that seemingly cannot be quenched. I have had to make sure I have plenty of water and gatorade in the house for when I wake up. Normally, in the mornings I cannot wait to eat some breakfast but on days when I am dehydrated I am not so quick to eat something without first drinking some fluids. Today I woke up feeling great, despite last night/this morning's early excess. I enjoyed a nice big breakfast while watching Ultimate Film Fanatics reruns on IFC. I was a bit disappointed because they usually have "Samurai Saturdays" on at 8am Saturday mornings which I enjoy. I really like Zatoichi from the Blind Swordsman Series.

I should have remembered last year to call all my friends fifteen minutes earlier before the ball dropped because as usual all my AT&T cellular user friends could not be reached when the New Year became official. The only other time there was a cellular blackout like that was during the 9/11 attack after the North Tower got hit. Kudos to Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCS as all my friends who use those services got through. I will post again with highlights from my New Year's Eve exploits. Now off to take care of some domestic duties. I know I lead a charmed life... :)