Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Blizzard 2005

Well, it's a white out! I love days when the sun is shining bright and everything is covered in white. Sunday was really the best day as everything was still newly coated with snow. Trees which normally look dead seem to look truly stunning with a dusting of snow. True, Long Island got quite a bit more than a dusting but it still looks cool. Now as far as traveling in the stuff that's a whole other story. I lucked out as I got to stay at The Inn at Fox Hollow for The Cop and Krystie's wedding. Even though we had to travel to the church and then to The Inn at Fox Hollow we still managed to avoid excess exposure to the blizzard as we were all toasty inside with the other guests. I will write about the wedding (which was the best wedding I have ever attended) in another post. I will also post some shots as soon as I get them from Sashka, our designated photo specialist for the evening.

More to come later so stay tuned...