Saturday, January 08, 2005

Bachelor Party Tonight And I'm Sick...

So much for the luck of the Irish, right? Actually, I am feeling much better than the past two days by far. Just when it seemed I got over a sore throat rather quickly, I began to catch the sniffles. I figured it was no big deal and decided to bulk up on some more vitamin C and carry on my usual routine. This was a mistake.

An important lesson I had forgotten before this week is that plenty of rest does you well when you are taking ill. Did I rest? Hell no! Like an idiot I kept my split routine at the gym (morning cardio/small muscle groups, afternoon large muscle groups) and still spent energy working on the house and garage. One good thing was I drunk lots of water day after day and even though I was pissing like a race horse it did keep me properly hydrated. However, Wednesday I woke up in a cold sweat, shivering so hard my teeth rattled. This was real crazy since the temperature in the house was like 74 degrees. Feeling a headache coming on I immediately went downstairs, popped a few aspirin, stumbled into a luke warm shower and threw on the warmest sweats I own. Now I have had the sweats from a fever before but it still amazes me how I can feel cold as hell but still see beads of perspiration form on my forehead. No matter what you do you cannot feel comfortable for very long. I sat on the couch trying to focus on TV while constantly changing position to get comfortable all the while the fan pointing directly at me. I have a little phobia regarding still air and I normally like the air temperature a bit on the cool side. I was simply a mess.

I continued to watch TV as Caesar kept dropping his chew toy in my lap, speaking to me in rotty-Latin, then laying down and trying to nibble on my feet making a real ass out of himself. The usual crazy antics of lil' Caesar! On other days they would have been amusing for a short time but on that day with a 104 fever I was in no mood for stupid pet tricks. By 11am I was seeing hot air balloons in the living room and I knew I needed to get some serious rest. Luckily I had stocked up on some Gatorade last week so I had plenty of fluids to drink if I got tired of water. Sweating made me remember an old Italian friend of Pop's named Mike Savarese who had a real old-school remedy for a fever.

The guys at Pop's Post used to call Mike the "Pitbull." You see, like Pop Mike Savarese was in the Navy and survived the attack on Pearl Harbor (Pop survived the bombing of the USS. Bunker Hill while in the South Pacific). At 5'4" the Pitbull was as hard as they came. No wonder him and Pop got along so well. But the Pitbull also had a very generous nature and was always willing to offer you advise he thought you could actually benefit from. So I remember him saying the best cure for a fever was:

1 - load up the bed with as many blankets and covers as you could find
2 - put on a pair of thermal underwear or sweats
3 - take two aspirin and two nips of Brandy
4 - set the alarm clock and sleep under all the covers for 8-10 hours
5 - wake up get out of the sweaty clothes, take a hot shower, change into new ones
6 - set the alarm clock again and sleep for another 8-10 hours
7 - when you wake up get out of those sweaty clothes and take another shower
8 - you will find you feel as good as new!

So I followed the regimen mentioned above although I had to swap Jameson for Brandy since there was none in the house. Let me tell you this much, the remedy does work! Even though it was hell getting through it by the time I woke from my second nap I felt a lot better and needless to say no more fever.

I guess the moral of the story is that desperation will make a guy try anything and that you shouldn't knock those old-school remedies passed along by your grandparents. They might not be the most scientific but they have been around for a thousand years for a reason - they work! Even though my sniffles are still present I am going to brave the bachelor party and will have a few tales to tell I am sure.