Monday, December 20, 2004

Sugar On The Crumb Cake...

This is something my Mother used to say with a laugh whenever she would shake a bit of baby powder on my bum after changing me. After hearing it a lot when I was young it has sort of stuck with me over the years.

When I looked out the window last night and saw it snowing this phrase came to mind. Yes, winter is here officially even though it technically is not winter for another day. I wasn't ready to see the white stuff just yet, but it looks like there is a good chance for a white Christmas, so I'm not that upset. But boy has the temperature dropped! Yesterday it was 50 degrees and this morning when I let Caesar out for his morning piss my nipples felt like they could etch glass. It was 15 degrees with a kicking wind gust. Time to whip out the snow parkas and get the snow scrapers ready.

Hmm. I think today I will run operations completely from the house because I really do not feel like going out in this cold. I know I mentioned that I like the cold weather but I draw the line at like 20 degrees - you can't even wear shorts comfortably in anything below 20 degrees! :)