Monday, December 06, 2004

The Mystery of The Crew

I have been told by some that it can be confusing as to which friend I might be referring to when I post as I like to use their nick names. So here is a legend of ALL my friends (including all the ones named Mike) along with an alias common to them.

The Crew:

Mike I - IT/Consulting - aka "Lil' Mike/Methodical Man"
Mike P - NYPD's Finest - aka "Big Mike/The Cop/Meatball"
Mike D - Retail Opps. Mgr. - aka "Mikey D"
Rob M - DJ/Producer - aka "Gangster"
Mike M - Security Consulting - aka "Merz/Speakeasy"
Kenny H - Finance/Acct. Mgr. - aka "H-Bomb/The Working Man"
Morgan F - Marketing - aka "Monkey/Drunkin' Monkey"
Kevin M - Security Consulting - aka "Sick-O"
Dave M (me) - Education/IT - aka "Mackelicious/Mack Attack"
Brian M - Marketing - aka "Blimey"

MIA List:
Hiram F - UW Campus Security - aka "Hermo"
Greg R - Sports Management - aka "Burger Man"
Alex G - Finance - aka "Sashka/The Mad Rooskie"
Dave S - Guidance Counselor - aka "Dr. Doo-little"

Hopefully this will help with all the confusion. My apologies to all!