Sunday, December 19, 2004

A Late Morning Spent At The Mud Bowl

Calverton National Cementary is truly a beautiful cemetery. Its landscape and road architecture can at times be confusing but there is a method behind this. The facility was designed so that much of the natural landscape remains undisturbed on the thousand-plus acres. In addition to the land that makes up the cemetery, there is the national park grounds and nature trail. There is also a single track that meanders through the entire acreage which is a good beginner trail being that it is mostly flat. I like the place especially when it isn't crowded.

Today it was a bit packed with many visiting grave sites for the Holiday. I went today to place a pine wreath at the headstone. This is a tradition in my family (as with many others) that I have become particularly fond off. I know that placing something like a pine wreath or blanket might be superficial but I believe that it symbolizes all of the thoughts, daydreams and memories. I tend to go overboard with each of the wreaths I get for aunt Linda, uncle Jimmy, Nanny and now Pop. But I feel if I cannot afford a pretty wreath for each of them then I have greater probems than I am willing to admit! I don't know if I had mentioned it before but my Mother was cremated and I have her urn (she was placed in three of them, one for Pop, one for my father and one for myself) on a table in the foyer. I decorate the table during Christmas with poinsettia, candles and other evergreens en lieu of the wreaths for the headstones.

I called uncle Bob and my father as soon as I woke this morning because I wanted to get up there before noon figuring it would be crowded by then. Neither of them picked up so I left messages. After waiting until 11:00am I decided to that was long enough, so I went up there by myself. This annoyed me a bit but decided not to make it ruin my day. Besides, what would be the use of visiting Pop if I was pissed off. He certainly wouldn't appreciate that.

At Calverton, Pop's section is still being filled with graves so much of the area is dirt without grass. Since we've been having so much over night frost the ground is saturated. This made the trek to Pop's headstone really, really muddy. I almost fell trying to keep balance while going up and down the hills. I didn't want to fall or drop the wreath in the mud, even though it would be staked to the ground. I know this might sound ridiculous but that's just the way I am. The wreath was the perfect size for the headstone since I really had no idea how wide the stones were. I'll have to post a pic of it sometime as long as it is not too morbid a thing to do here. Well, unless I think it is morbid I will do it since I call the shots here! ;)

I'll have to cut this one a bit short since I am actually stealing a moment between laundry loads. LOL I find multitasking during domestic duties helpful otherwise laundry never gets done. I'll start the washer and then begin watching a movie and low and behold the wet clothes never make it into the dryer. Normally this isn't a big deal, but if I forget about the wet laundry in the dryer for longer than a day they become funky. So then I have to wash them all over again. But if I blog or pay bills or something similar then I am more inclined to actually dry and fold the laundry. Nice!