Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Another Week Flashed By/Weekend Excursion of Discovery

I know life is moving quickly once again when days seem to stream on by like a flash flood. My mind might still be clinging to its "beginning of the week" mode when all of a sudden the clock strikes 5:00PM on Friday afternoon. This has left me beside myself on more than one ocassion and last week was no exception.

As the house is slowly starting to take order it will be no time at all when it hits the listings. Collecting and sorting Pop's antiques and other assorted odds and ends (along with some good old-fashioned belated Fall cleaning} has lead me through a journey of memories both good and not as good. While this current project has been mentally tiresome at times it has provided me with some needed therapy. 'Closure' is a word that seems to be thrown around a lot lately. I've come across it in an endless sea of sources. But I am working towards closure at my own pace. As long as I am moving forward with this and the rest of my goals I continue to feel that sense of peace I had mentioned before.

With all the time I have been spending working inside the house I have been making it a habit of leaving it on the weekends. Last Saturday I had a new discovery of a place called The Nutty Irishman in the town of Bayshore. I have heard of The Nutty Irishman (TNI) on several ocassions. You see, in my neck of the woods everyone and their stepbrother claim their pub to be an "Irish" pub and fall quite short. Being of Irish decent I tend to be a bit sensitive about these things (not really, well...). TNI is no exception since it is in fact a franchise. But what it lacked in culture and tradition it made up for in ambience. The place is truly a stunning multi-level venue. From first glance at the interior layout one could easily conclude that many centuries ago the original structure was probably used as a lavish lobby, bar and gaming room for a hotel or inn. Bayshore being a harbor town this makes a lot of sense. I love the look of exposed timber beams and dark wood moldings which TNI has plenty of. Be sure to check out the photo gallery (most of the shots are during daylight hours). Hopefully they will update with some photos taken during live performances because their stage is excellent. A great venue for local and tour bands as well.

The band "The Gyst" looked and sounded great that night. I had a really great time and managed to still walk out on my own two feet. But this was most likely due to their rather steep beer prices. I mean "yes" this is Bayshore but please! $4.50 for a Corona? Now I'd gladly pay $4.50 all night long for pints of Guinness Stout, LOL.