Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This Year Halloween Fell On A Weekend

But the ghetto boys and I were NOT trick or treating...

Instead, I decided to have dinner and drinks with friends at the Brickhouse Brewery on Saturday. Saturday was the annual Halloween Costume Contest night. I get a kick out of seeing people come out in their costumes. People really go all out, especially when their is a prize involved. The idea occurred to me to meet up with everyone after I had to go back to the Brickhouse for a second time to retrieve my credit card. It seems on the nights I end up starting a tab (having to submit a credit card to do so) I have been getting pretty drunk. When we settle the tab at the end of the night I forget to ask for my credit card back. Oh well. I always figure it out the next day or so and go back to pick it up.

The lady who tends bar during the lunch and dinner hours has gotten to know me pretty well in the last month because she always sees me during the week looking for my card. I sit down for twenty minutes or so, have a pint or two, shoot the shit and then go about with the rest of my day. In a way I am glad I am building up a rapport again at the Brickhouse because when the place first opened it was basically the first bar I considered my own "place." When it first opened up it was a mixed crowd. Then it went through a phase where the patrons were in their thirties which really was not too appealing when you are in your early twenties. For a period of about five years, my buddies and I avoided the place unless we were looking to have dinner. If we were looking to chase skirts we went to other "college" pubs. Now that I am in my late twenties I am finding the Brickhouse to be enjoyable again. The transition to a more mixed crowd is also a plus.

Earlier in the week we had everything planned out. I was looking forward to Saturday because it would be one of those rare occassions where all of the crew would be in attendance. This didn't quite work out as The Cop got stuck pulling a double tour and did not make it out. Everyone else showed up which was cool indeed. I arrived first and grabbed a prime spot at the bar. Said bartender (why does her name escape me now?) greeted me as usual and offered me a pint. One pint turned into five before everyone else arrived. Let's just say I was feeling pretty good and as people were starting to arrive in their costumes the vibe was great. What was really great was that two of the first five pints were bought by the bartender. This was cool because she basically hooked me up before she left for the night.

The evening bartenders arrived in costumes of various degrees. For example, one girl merely had on a devil's horns and tail thingy with her usual street attire. While another bartender (also a girl) came dressed in a complete sheriff's costume, modified to accentuate her many endowments, complete with handcuffs. She meant business and basically took on the role of a law enforcement person, strutting around and carrying on. Before my first buddy arrived she asked me why I was there alone and I said I was waiting for friends. She immediately replied, "You really don't have any friends do you?" coupled with a wink and a smile. It was very light-hearted and won me another free pint.

Once everybody arrived and we ordered food it was basically standing room only. We all appreciated getting good seats at the bar so we wouldn't be forced to sit in the dining room while eating. Don't get me wrong the dining room is lovely but I wanted to check out all the costumes and the wacky goings on. I was hoping to see some fetish themed costumes like the sexy school girls, wanton maids, etc. The closest thing that night was this dude dressed as a caveman in loincloth. That didn't stop our fun though. A cover band played the usual fare but it was not as loud as other nights because they were using the PA to annouce specials and contest winners. As the hours rolled on everyone was vibing pretty sweet. I'm glad I have buddies that care about me enough to keep track of what I was doing, because I was in no condition by 11:00pm. Turns out the bartender chicks were very generous with their buy backs. We decided to settle the tab early and go dutch for the rest of the night because my buddy Mike had to leave to meet his lady friend back at his apartment. This was no big deal as Mike said he was game for next weekend (sweet).

Mike could see straight at that point so he looked at the bill and began doing bar mathematics. Turns out I was drinking pints of Oktoberfest the whole night and there were 21 of them on the bill. No one else was drinking Oktoberfest in our group. Obviously, I was having a great time. When Mike told me what my count was up to I did cut myself off and had lemonades for the remainder of the evening. I had a blast and it wasn't just the alcohol consumption. I have been truly blessed with a great group of friends who are all witty and can really party. This was the perfect start to a great weekend. What was in store for me Halloween night was unknown as we strolled out to the parking lot saying our good byes. Technically, it would be an ordinary Sunday night, but more to come on that subject in my next post.