Thursday, November 11, 2004

I Am The Ruptured Cowboy... I do not have gonorrhea, tsk tsk!

But my laptop is currently on the DL. SHIT! Seems that I was going through some CD-ROMs attempting to put them into a book to organize them. I found that one of them was missing, a Windows OEM CD-ROM. So I checked in all the usual places where we sometimes cram CD-ROMs to no avail. Then I decided to check my optical drive on my laptop and wouldn't you know it but I could not get the tray door to open. I decided to check out the drive in Windows Explorer to see if there was a CD-ROM in the drive. Turns out the optical drive was not showing up on Windows Explorer OR My Computer (?). This puzzled me for a brief moment because I was trying to remember when the last time I used the optical drive and could not recall. After trying to troubleshoot the drive itself and what not I realized that this was becoming a task a bit out of my league. So I had to chin-up and send it out to get looked at. I have been without it for a week so far and I miss it. Even though it was a desktop replacement model (meaning it is a bit heavy for laptops) I found it very convenient to sit down with on the couch while watching Bloomberg, CNN or random porn. It rested quite soundly on my lap due to its weight which offered stability while typing. I have a feeling though eventually I will make my laptop my main PC for my office and invest in a true "notebook" computer in the future. Notebooks now come as light as 3 lbs. which is a lot easier to tote around with the rest of your gear. Besides, my current laptop matches many peripherals already on my desk including my ViewSonic flat panel. By removing the underpowered Dell Desktop I currently have will definitely eliminate clutter as well as give me more power at my desk.

In recent years I have begun investing in tech gear that has the least footprint as possible. Not only are these things easier to pack up when you move, but they tend to eliminate that "cluttered look" to your home office. I find that when I am surrounded by clutter from either strewn magazines, papers or cables my concentration is compromised. Cables by far are my biggest pet peeve. I have spent a lot of time trying to find the best ways to organize and hide cables so that they are not underfoot or in the way at all. While many neat cost efficient products do make a difference I feel that eventually I would like to create my own desk/work space solution which allows for the best cable management. I like a desk that allows you not only to have the room to open up a notebook or textbook but also have your keyboard and mouse handy. It all boils down to multitasking which is something I have become pretty proficient at over the years. I guess I am a tech-junkie of sorts because I find trying out new products (especially wireless ones) to be pretty exciting as well as educational. How else can you find out what works for you unless you try it out in the intended environment?

Well, I guess everyone pretty much thought this year's Presidential Race and Election resembled something like this. I have found that in the past twelve years or so I have been presented with the daunting task to choose the lesser of two evils. I make it a point never to argue politics with anyone other than the members of the crew, so I will just leave this one at that. I will take this moment to return back to lament over my laptop hoping it is on its way to a full recovery. I will be updating soon regarding some hiking I did this week as well as how Pop has been doing. More to come on these and other issues soon. Computers are like cars - they are great when they work!