Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Getting Back On The Horse

A few quick jabs before I write again...

For those who are wondering, the funeral was very nicely done and it touched me deeply. Not only was it a funeral but it was a military ceremony complete with members of the U.S. Navy, the Flag folding and presentation. This was a first for me and the whole experienced seemed a bit surreal. It was nothing like the ceremonies I had seen on TV and movies. It was much deeper. It was a fitting tribute to a man who, in the words of his friend and fellow Voyageur JD, "...Undoubtedly left a unique impression on all of us who knew him." For saying the words I had been feeling all along I thank JD and the rest of Pop's fellow Voyageurs, Legionaires, Veterans and friends. You were all GREAT friends to him and I will never forget how much you made Pop's life, as well as my own, that much fuller!

Pushed on the back burner for good reasons, my own review of the movie SAW will be finished shortly. I think I might make this a habit especially for movies that receive media attention both good and bad. I like reading the reviews of so-called "experts" and then coming to my own conclusion after I view the film. Besides, this is an obvious outlet for my movie-sickness as friends have called it.

My laptop is back in my possession and I have mixed news. The repairs and upgrades needed will end up costing me lots of duckets ($$$). So I have decided to in a month or so to get a new notebook. This way I will have something more portable and powerful to take with me when I am on the road. The only real thing I will not have functional on it is the CD-ROM/DVD drive but I will not need the drive at all really. I basically use my laptop for business applications, email, blogging when I am away from my office. Nothing to hairy, really. I have my eyes on a model that is pretty sweet and only weighs 5.5 lbs. That's about half as much as my current laptop. I'm looking forward to this mot so bulky upgrade.

That's it for now. Over the next four days or so I will be on a bit of a tear as for as blogging is concerned. I have decided to stay at home this Thanksgiving to work on the house and generally give myself a chance to be by myself. Something I have not had the chance to do in the last few weeks.

Happy Turkey Day to all and celebrate safe with your families!