Sunday, October 10, 2004

A Welcomed Weekend Diversion Part One

This weekend was definitely a flashback to my days when I was still in college, although the terrain has changed drastically. Long Island itself, compared to many other locales, is a unique social scene. Many things have changed but some are dead ringers of experiences past. Monday, I had played volleyball and Monkey had said he would like to get together for a few drinks on either Friday or Saturday night. So in the back of my mind all this past week I knew I was heading out instead of spending the weekends in the usual manner, reading, domestic duties, watching DVDs, etc. This had become the norm while Pop was still at the house here. Now that he is at JJ Foley it seems like there is more time to do things and to general have a moments thought to myself. This weekend was definitely going to be a weekend to not simply relax and think but to get out and do.

So Friday afternoon, I visited with Pop and noticed that he was still a bit loopy from the pain meds but generally seemed comfortable. After I left I went on a drive to the north shore to Baiting Hollow and made my way back west to Stony Brook, then South back to Patchogue. The entire drive took about an hour or so, but it was nice just to drive and have absolutely no where to be for a brief time. It also allowed me to contemplate the who, what and where for later on that night.

I called up H-Bomb on a whim and wondered what he had planned for that night. He said he was planning on getting dinner with his new girlfriend (this was news to me) and then just hang out. He asked if I would like to come along. Not wanting to foil his plans I let him know that Monkey and lil' Mike might be game to hang out as well. H-Bomb said this was fine and that we should meet somewhere around 8:30pm. The Brick House Brewery is where we would go. They have great food and good microbrews so it was a sure thing. After beaming the necessary text messages things were set.

Turns out lil' Mike had to bail out because he was having a guest over that night (awesome for him) and Monkey pulled a MIA and was incommunicado. So that left myself as a potential third wheel for the evening - not what I had in mind. But I thought, "what the fuck" and decided to go out with them anyway. Having some company for dinner would be a good for a change.

It turned out that the Brick House was having the U2 cover band 2U perform so at least there would be some enjoyable music instead of the same old bluesy, folk shite that lots of local brands would bring to the Brick House on a given Friday/Saturday night. H-Bomb's new squeeze is Tiffany. She's a really sweet girl and I was happy to see that they were getting along smashing, baby. Kenny has had a rough time was the sheilas in the past and it seems Tiffany is more of a match for him as far as personality and general attitude. I thought she was very charming and had a good head on her shoulders. Cool, indeed. I had ordered a pitcher of Oktoberfest but didn't realize that H-Bomb can no longer drink due to his Crohn's disease and Tiffany simply doesn't drink. So needless to say I was going to have a good time getting through the pitcher myself. I'm known for being a typical guy of Irish decent complete with the cast iron liver, but more about that some other time.

Our waitress (I wish I could remember her name, she wrote a note on my receipt but I don't have it right now) was very, very attentive which we began to pick up on. Kenny tends to play me up a bit too much because of how well I used to do in school and because of my degrees, but Tiffany was wondering if I had known that waitress because it seemed were like old friends. I had never seen the waitress before but I did sense things were going unusually well. Not being in the market, I thought I would at least foster this situation and see what would happen. So without looking too obvious, I began to open up the charm a tiny bit and the results were consistently great. I asked for pickles with my sweet potato fries, for example, and she brought back nearly the entire jar of Vlassic Kosher Dills. It made for great comedic fodder at the table as the evening went on. Finally it was time for dessert. Now when I was a kid I was a certified sweets nut! Candy, candy and more candy! At about the age of 14 I started not to eat as many cakes and cookies, etc. Now I rarely touch anything sweet and I don't even eat ice cream anymore. I do like chocolate mousse. But you rarely see it offered at too many restaurants, so whenever I see it offered I usually indulge.

Well, the waitress said they indeed had chocolate mousse so I figured I would give it a shot after she repeated to me three or four times that it was, "sooo good!" She was right and after the first taste it was really good. At the table, Tiffany, H-Bomb and myself continued to chat it up on all sorts of subjects including our attentive waitress. Like clockwork she hopped back to our table to check in on us and asked me if the mousse was great. I said she was really on the money about the mousse to which she replied with a wink and a smile, "I can see the way you are eating it it's good. I could just take your spoon and lick it clean!" Say what? After the waitress turned the corner, I looked at Tiffany and H-Bomb a bit in disbelief. All H-Bomb could do was smile and Tiffany leaned in and asked, "Did she say what I think she just said?" I said apparently so because I figured if I misread and it was something tamer, Tiffany wouldn't have been so inquisitive. There in lied a dilemma of what to do next. After a brief moment to calculate what was going on, I decided not to pursue the waitress. Now some of you reading might be labeling me a real schmuck, but I can explain why I came to this decision in a future post. Let's just say I felt like the evening had a decent comedic climax to it and now was the time to make a graceful exit. Of course, my exit was so graceful and succinct (prompted from the short note on the back of my dinner receipt from the waitress) that I left my credit card at the Brick House. I didn't realize it until the next morning when I went to put my wallet back into my pocket and it looked a bit different because it was missing a card. I'm afraid the night still had a bit of adventure left to it and I will continue this in another post.