Thursday, October 07, 2004

Some Working Plans and Goals For Life

I currently hold a teaching degree (Master of Science in Secondary Education with a focus on Biology and the Life Sciences from Dowling College) but have not been able to pursue teaching full-time due to events mentioned relating to Pop as well as the fact that, due to the commitment necessary to be an effective classroom teacher, I could not function as a teacher with the situation I had at home. Teaching is a very important and rewarding career that requires as much time outside the classroom as it requires in the classroom to really impact the lives of students. I want the opportunity to teach in a place where there are as little distractions as possible so I can do my job well and really help children learn. New York is a great place don't get me wrong but after seeing much on the city of Lincoln, NE over the years and the lifestyle it has to offer I really look forward to teaching there as well as have a family and raise children. Of course, my future as far as family and children are concerned remains up in the air, my future as a teacher is totally within my capabilities. I look forward to this very much.