Thursday, October 07, 2004

A Brief Apology Regarding Entries

I know I stated already in my Introduction that I would submit entries on a semi-daily/weekly basis and that initially there would be a flood of submissions because I had worked on content already and would add it here as soon as possible. I think I need to also say that most of the future entries are going to be very much in the moment and will not be edited too heavily (grammar and punctuation will of course be present). The language I tend to use is more casual geared to young adults; basically we are talking about my peers. I have been known to use the occassional curse word here and there but this will not be a forum for useless crude language. I am not in practice of using profanity for lack of more appropriate ways of expressing my ideas, nor am I niave to the fact that there is at times no other acronym quite like "fuck" (merely for example) to truly convey the real world undertone of a situation or observation.

Keeping this in mind I would like those that submit comments and suggestions to abide by a similar principle. After all, I do not want to offend anyone during this project. Certainly there will be those who do not share my views or philosophies, such is life. Besides, there are only so many corners we can huddle in in life because this sand box is geting smaller and smaller every day!