Saturday, November 05, 2005

Midwestern City Nights

I know what you're thinking. Another night at Bricktop, Dave? Pfff! Those that know me uber-well realize that I am a slave to a few key things. First, great music is what I am all about. Great electronic music is MASSIVE! Second, being able to go to a place where everyone knows your name (cue the Cheers theme here, psyche!) is always cool especially if the people are inviting and the vibe is happening. And third, birds, birds and more BIRDS! They seemed to be out in flocks last night! I knew the night would be awesome the moment I stepped in the door.

And when I did DJ Mattman had just begun his two hour set and he was already bumpin' the early crowd with some hard house staples. Not sure if it was my illuminated smile (thanks to a 1" lime green glow stick) or perhaps the Marc Ecko track jacket I broke out the closet for the night, but I was instantly approached by these two bubbly Bricktoppers.

We chatterboxed about music, their friend's birthday party along with said friend's ample endowments as well as Long Island night life. Seems a Long Island accent is sexy. Who knew? I had my first cocksucker in Lincoln too. (Get your minds out of the gutter, peops. LOL) I'm referring to the drink! Plus, I tried something called a "spicy turkey parts" shot or something along those lines. When I knocked it back it tasted more like Creme de Mint and tabasco sauce. Weird. But still some fun chicks, you shorties rock!

Reynolds was also in attendence and it wasn't even his night to work the bar! For a guy who works as hard as he does (tending bar and spinning '80s night) for Bricktop you'd think the last place he would want to hang out would be here. That just shows you how cool Bricktop is and the loyal patrons it attracts. I said it before and I'll say it again, I've definitely found my new haunt in the downtown!

Matt kicked ass for real! Judging from frequent conversations throughout the night Matt was a bit hard on himself and his performance as a whole. (Dude, if you're reading, you need not be!!!) Tracks were chosen well and there was no low point in your set. Once the floor filled up it STAYED full which is always a good sign. Even some middle-aged ladies who were passing through stayed for a few tracks to shake their asses to the beat, kid! Since meeting him earlier in the week Matt is super cool and is not a music snob like some DJs I've met in the past. Like Reynolds, Chuckles and Alex he has gone out of his way to welcome me to Bricktop and the music scene here in Lincoln.

After closing time at Bricktop (it's still hard getting used to the 1:00 am closings), Matt and I rolled to a kegger after party (yes!) and chilled 'til the wee hours of the morning. I'm bad with names in general but I was introduced to all so many people, lot's of whom were at Bricktop earlier. I never forget faces so all the peops I chatterboxed with will get warm greetings in the future!

Be sure to check back for additional photos AND videos I took of DJ Mattman and DJ Crucial Bricktop session!