Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Tale of the Ragu!

First off, I hope everyone likes the new Walking Wounded "concept" as I like to refer to it! I wanted something less flash, less busy, more laid back and would allow the content to draw the eye. Definitely a breath of fresh air for me as I love it. Thanks again, Cricket. U da bomb, yo!

So the story behind the Ragu shot is this. I am a frequent visitor to I go there more for the photos (what's shot and the quality) and less to oggle the girls. This guy posted a response to one of the photo entries with a link to the accident victim. The guy was a college student and was surfing the web at the library. On the computer screen he had a picture of a girl in a swim suit (cannot recall the exact pic) and the picture of the accident victim. Apparently, the librarian asked him to remove the picture of girl claiming it was offensive to other students in the library. The librarian mentioned nothing about the more graphic picture of the poor victim's guts all over the asphault, mind you! The guy (and I would have to agree with his reaction) was pretty surprised and pissed by the whole thing. I thought it was pretty pathetic that a picture of a girl similar to this one:

Image hosted by

would be deemed offensive by anyone. Even if it was a shot of a fully naked chick, how could the human body be offensive? I don't know. Perhaps I'm biased because because I tend to look at things in a more clinical sense at times.

You wanna know something funny? I don't normally dig blondes but this shag looks just too yummy. Thank heaven for loose bra straps, eh? ;)